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We know sourcing apparel can be a challenge, that's why we've set out to create a single solution for distributors.

Save time.

Through integrating the top 2 apparel distributors inventory into 1 website, you will say goodbye to the days of searching multiple sites for different products.

Save Money.

We've estimated we save distributors 20% by reducing the amount of labor required in the accounting department. This is done through reducing the amount of time purchasing blanks, reconciling invoice & dealing with incorrect shipments from shirts distributors.

Add decoration seamlessly.

Add the decoration to the products right on the spot. No more sending blanks, PO & artwork to a contract printer.

Over 250,000 Products

By integrating the entire AlphaBroder & SanMar catalogs, there is no need to worry that we don't have what you need.

Exclusive to distributors

We have structured our pricing to allow you to have low rates that give you a great resell margin to your end consumer. This site is only available to Promotional Product Association members (ASI, PPAI & Sage).

High Quality Decoration

We use the most up to date technology when it comes to decoration to create great looking apparel for you clients.

Find your style

Choose from every style AlphaBroder & SanMar have to offer (More distributors to be integrated at a later date). We have also pulled int he ability to check real time stock from the warehouses.

Choose your decoration

Seamlessly add your decoration to the product and get a real time pricing based on the technique used.


Whether you are shipping to yourself or to the end consumer, we blind ship/white label everything so there will be no Stoked branding anywhere. Choose the ship date and the in hands date and we will ensure it gets to your customer correct and on time.

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